Have you had a secured loan or mortgage before 2009?

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  • Did you take out a secured loan between 2000 and 2009?

  • Did you take out a Mortgage or Re-Mortgage before 2004?

  • Did you use a broker or Independent Financial Advisor?

  • If you answered yes you probably have a claim for a refund of undisclosed commissions, plus fees and costs, plus interest.

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What are undisclosed commissions?

Hidden commissions typically arise when an introducer, agent or finance broker sells you a mortgage or loan from a lender or bank. If the broker or agent received a secret commission for passing your details to the lender, and did not inform you of this, that is a hidden fee. The bank or lender must inform you of all fees within the transaction at the point of sale.
The broker owes a fiduciary duty to their client, including informing them of any profit they will make in the transaction. Financial brokers owe duties to their clients, such as:

  • Always acting in the interest of the borrower

  • Not being loyal to a specific lender or bank

  • Always disclose any profits made to their clients

  • Never enter a conflict of interest

If you believe that your bank or finance broker failed to do these things, you could be entitled to hidden commission compensation.

Millions of UK homeowners have been overcharged on their residential mortgage, their buy-to-let mortgage, or secured loans.

If any of the below applies to you, you could have a claim!

  • You weren’t informed that your broker was paid a commission

  • You took out a secured loan before 2009

  • You took out a remortgage before 2004

  • You had charges applied to your loan account

Our Simple 3 Step Process



Complete our simple form and one of our friendly agents will contact you to confirm that you have a claim and to gather a bit more information from you.



On your behalf, we will write to your lender in order to receive all the information we require relating to your potential claim.



We’ll then confirm that you can start your claim for a refund of illegal secret commissions you paid plus any costs and fees that were applied plus interest.

Frequently asked questions

You can claim back any non-disclosed commissions that were added, plus any fees and statutory interest at 8% per year.

In some cases the claim can be settled within 2 to 3 months, depending on the lender, however in most cases it takes between 6 months to a year.

Claim amounts vary across consumers. The exact amount of your compensation will depend on factors such as the size of the loan agreement, for example, the larger the loan, the more you can claim.

We work with a number of specialist litigation lawyers who are experts at dealing with these types of claims.

Absolutely, we are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) so you can be assured your claim will be dealt with professionally and with your best interest at heart.

We offer a free assessment service. After reviewing the assessment, if it merits us to pursue a claim, we will inform you. From here you proceed with one of our panel of specialist Solicitors where we will inform you of their fee structure. They typically charge 25% plus vat, all claims will be managed on a no-win no-fee basis so you can be assured that you only pay the 25% at the conclusion of a successful claim. In the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful there will be no costs at all, you will not be charged a penny.

Your data is securely processed, following GDPR regulations. We do not sell or share your data.

Types of Claim

Thousands of people in the UK have been subject to undisclosed commissions on financial products they have been sold, with many customers completely unaware the commission payments existed.

If you believe a finance broker or lender has failed to disclose the commission they were earning from a loan they sold to you, our group of solicitors can help you secure the compensation you deserve. Under strict consumer protection laws, a lender must always declare all fees and commissions charged to you during the transaction.

This means, if you borrowed money from a bank and they made a payment to a third-party broker on your behalf without telling you, that is a secret commission. If this is the case, the lender is liable to pay back all of the fees, charges and costs relating to the original loan or finance agreement.

Our panel of experts have years of experience in pursuing mis-sold financial products and consumer claims and have obtained thousands in compensation for our clients. If you believe you have a Hidden Commission Claim, please get in touch today to see how our panel of solictiors can help.

Example Claim

A Court of Appeal case in 2021 means that if you were unfairly sold your Secured Loan you could have that loan Unwound or Rescinded, resulting in potentially thousands of pounds paid in interest and charges returned to you.

The same applied to Mortgages that were subject to undisclosed commissions plus Interest applied by the broker, Mortgage claims can be much higher depending on length of the Mortgage and what commissions and Interest was added.

Recission Example

Secured Loan of £23,000 at 16.7% APR

Capital Borrowed £23,000

Broker Fee £2,300

Acceptance Fee £395

Interest Payments: £33,740.57

Total Loan: £59,435.57

Additional Charges: Including Interest Charged

Buildings Insurance Policy: £1058

Default And Collections Charges: £ 480.75

Closing Balance : 9th August 2018: £0.00 ( Loan Paid Off )


Lender Keeps The Capital Borrowed: £23,000

( Plus 2% Over LIBOR )

Borrower Awarded The Return Of Interest,

Fees And Charges Of:

£37,974.32 ( Plus 4% Over Libor )